Cosima hand-porn.

Hey everybody! I’m back :)
I haven’t posted anything in a long while because I was away and because I didn’t know what to post about since my fav show ended :( (Private Practice). But now that Orphan Black is back I think I’ll start blogging again ‘cause I really love that show!
Thank you to all the people who are still following me! Kisses

Anonimo said: can you do one gifset of callie crying plsss

I’m so so sorry but right now I don’t have internet on my computer, only on my phone, but I’ll keep your request in mind! ;)

greysblogawards said: Congratulations! You have been nominated for Best Callie Torres Blog in the Grey’s Anatomy Blog Awards. Voting takes place until 08/06 and the winners will be announced on 09/06. Good luck!

omg really? Thanks to whoever nominated me, you’re awesome!

Anonimo said: You're awesome! *hug* -The Hugging Venger-

Thank you!!

posted 10 mesi fa

Hi everybody! This is my 4th day in Spain and everything is perfect. The only bad thing is that I don’t have WiFi in my room so I have to use my phone and I have to pay… I’ll try to go to an internet point sometimes… so if you don’t see posts from me in these three months that’s the reason. You can always send me messages and I’m going to answer as soon as I can. Bye!